Terms & Conditions
Dawlish Warren Seaside Holiday Cottage
April to September - Sleeps 6 comfortably
Terms & Conditions
Lyndie, Shutterton Lane, Dawlish Warren ...

... Terms and Conditions of use for Holiday purposes only
This is the small print ...
1. In these conditions:
'The owners are Mr John Darcy Wilcock and Mrs Jacqueline Henley Wilcock. 'The Owner(s)' - means the persons who owns the property made available for occupation by a guest. 'The Guest' means the person or persons who have booked the property for private holiday purposes only and this agreement shall not confer on the Guest any security of tenur within the terms of the Housing Act 1988. 'The Period' - means the period of time agreed with the owner for the holiday occupation of the unit by the Guest.
2.The property shall only be occupied by a guest or guests. No other person may use the unit for any purpose except by arrangement with the owners in writing. No more than the maximum number (up to 7 guests) as stated on the booking form are accommodated.
3. (a)Any breakages, loss or damage to the property, its fixtures or contents (which shall include cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, mattress covers, duvets, pillow covers and pillows), shall be notified to the owners immediately. The owner shall be entitled to charge the guest for the cost of repair or replacement.
(b) The owner, or their groundsman /cleaner, is entitled at any time to enter into the property and examine the condition of the unit, its fixtures and contents.
(c) On termination of the period guests shall ensure that the property and the grounds are in a clean and tidy condition as found. (Guest are requested to leave prior to 10 am on the day of departure allowing our caretaker/cleaner to come in, arriving guests not to arrive before 2.00 pm).
4.In the interests of other nearby residents, guests shall not use the property, or permit the property to be used, in such a manner as to cause a nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to any such nearby residents.
5.Guests shall not do or permit to be done anything that could endanger or increase the cost of the contents insurance policy in respect of the property or which could make such a policy void or voidable.
6.(a) The risk and responsibility relating to all baggage, personal belongings from motor vehicles, motorcycles and cycles brought into the property by guests, or their visitors or invitees from time to time shall remain with the guests at all times.
(b) Other than liability for death or personal injury resulting from their negligence, the owner shall not be liable for any liability, injury, loss, damage, cost, claim of expense whether direct or consequential which arises from the guest's occupation of the property.
7.Please note: this is a NONE SMOKING, NONE PET Dawlish Warren seaside holiday cottage. Mattress covers, pillows/covers and duvets are supplied, you are to bring your own beach or swimmimg towels.
8.(a) Whilst every effort is made to ensure that statements, descriptions and particulars of the property are accurate and that the property will be available for the guests as arranged, the guests agree that the owner will not be held responsible or liable if the property, in any way, does not meet the requirements of the guests. Property alterations/improvements may happen from time to time without prior notice. Prior to concluding this contract all guests must ensure that so far as possible the property is suitable for their requirements.
(b) The owners may cancel this contract for reasons beyond its control. In such cases the owner will use its best endeavours to find suitable alternative accommodation, but the owner shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any liability, loss, injury, damage, cost, claim, expense whether direct or consequential arising through such cancellation. However, in the event of such cancellation any deposit paid by the guests shall be returned by the owner.
9.If any guest desires to cancel this contract, he/she must notify the owner immediately. The owner shall make reasonable endeavours to obtain a replacement booking. If the owner fails to do so the guest will be liable to the owner for the full price due under the terms of the contract for the unit during the period. In any event any deposit paid by the guest will not be returnable by the owner.
10.You must arrange your own holiday/cancellation insurance.

11. Unless the guest notifies the owner otherwise occupation of this property must commence by no later than midday on the day following the day agreed for commencement of occupation of the unit. If such occupation has not taken place, the owner shall be allowed to endeavour to find a replacement booking and the guest shall be deemed to have cancelled his contract and the guest shall be liable in accordance with the above clause 9.

12. Any booking alterations made after the conclusions of this contract shall be subject to a surcharge levied by the owner on the guest for office administration.

13. All deposits required must be submitted to the owner by the guest when returning the booking form. The balance of sums dues under this contract must be submitted to the owner by the guest at least six weeks prior to the proposed commencement date of the period. If all sums due under this contract have not been received by the owner by such date it shall be free, without any liability whatsoever to obtain a replacement booking. In such event any deposit paid by the guest will not be returnable by the owner. The above provisions shall not apply if the booking is made within six weeks prior to the proposed commencement date of the period, when arrangements shall be specifically made with the owner.

14. The occupation by the guest of the property is solely for holiday purposes. Guests can occupy the unit from 2 pm on the first day of the period. No other rights of occupation whether by statute or otherwise shall be granted, whether expressly or by implication to the guests. Unless otherwise terminated under this contract, the guests shall vacate the unit prior to 10.00 a.m. on the last day of the period.
15. Private car parking for up to three vehicles is provided at the front of the property.
16. Fire: In case of a fire (there is a fire blanket in the kitchen) to be used at your discretion, do not endanger yourself. Leave the property immediately. Phone 999 ask for FIRE SERVICE - Location: Lyndie, Shutterton Lane, Dawlish Warren EX7 0PD. ELECTRIC SUPPLY IS ABOVE FRONT DOOR, AND GAS IS ON OUTSIDE WALL BY KITCHEN.
17. In the event there being cause for complaint concerning the property, the matter should be taken up with the owner IMMEDIATELY ~ Landline: 0333 8008114, Mobile: 07452 250359. Unless this procedure is strictly observed, we regret we are unable to deal with complaints after you have left the property and returned home.

19. This contract shall be concluded upon the acknowledgement of the guests booking form and shall be governed solely by these conditions of business.

20. This contract shall be subject to the Laws of England.
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